Our Mission


Flow Sciences’ mission is to provide containment systems for laboratory, pilot plant and manufacturing areas. The products are designed to protect operators from exposure to hazardous particulates and vapors while performing delicate operations.


Flow Sciences, Inc. is focused on achieving the following goals for all of its enclosures:

– maximized containment

– ergonomic ease of use

– high performance standards

– minimal energy consumption

– design flexibility


The Flow Sciences’ team, with over thirty years experience in laboratory containment, is committed to finding containment solutions that meet your needs.


About FSI




Flow Sciences, Inc. (FSI) designs and manufactures containment solutions for research and development laboratories, pilot plants, automation equipment and robotics, manufacturing and production facilities where toxic or noxious potent powders, fluids or gases require safe handling while weighing, mixing, processing, or manufacturing.


Flow Sciences, Inc. commitment to safety and performance in the engineering, design, testing, and installation of containment enclosures has proven performance throughout the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries, as well as forensics, academia and government research.

FSI works with architects, plant managers, industrial hygienists, safety professionals and scientists to engineer customized solutions from the laboratory to production. The Flow Sciences team, world leaders in containment solutions, is dedicated to delivering superior engineering quality and service at each level of controlled airflow containment systems.


During the 1990’s Flow Sciences pioneered Vented Balance Safety Enclosures (VBSE™) which introduced the first independent fan exhaust system to isolate vibrations for balance accuracy. Swiftly becoming the world leader in laboratory safety containment, FSI continued its innovative design techniques introducing waste chutes to the containment industry. Incorporating Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), FSI refined the process and enlarged the enclosure presenting product protection through framed enclosure solutions.


Flow Sciences, Inc continues to engineer the advancement of safety containment beyond the laboratory. FSI instituted the VBSE™ concepts and designs to bulk powder and chemical processing containment in the scale up and production environments saving millions of dollars for its clients and opening new markets for Flow Sciences, Inc.


The Flow Sciences’ team is committed to finding solutions for its clients’ applications and understands that it operates in a customer driven marketplace. FSI has developed yet another industry first by connecting side ports allowing parallel processing within a protected and contained environment.