The entire analytical process is predicated on weight, hence nothing happens until the powder is weighed.  Accurate weighing is critical for reproduce-ability of products and data.  Analytical balances are the precision instruments used in clinical laboratories for accurate weighing and work on the principle of magnetic force restoration.    Moving air,  vibrations and static electricity  will affect measurements thus a quality enclosure around the balance is crucial.


– Analytical balances which weigh accurately to .10mg are commonly used inside of our ETA, EVA, and EHA enclosures

-Semi micron balances which weigh accurately to .01mg and are used for analytical and pharmaceutical processes

-Micro balances weigh to .001mg

-Some of the newest balances weigh accurately to .0001mg.


To properly contain your weighing operation and maximize your reproducability, contact us and speak to a containment expert today, or click below to learn more about our standard products for weighing applications.