Vented Anesthetic
Containment Enclosure

Flow Sciences Vented Anesthetic Containment
Enclosures are specifi cally designed for tasks
involving the anesthetizing of lab animals.
Effective Containment of:


• Anesthetic Gases – isoflurane, etc.
• Animal dander
• Bacterial and viral agents


Venting Options:

• Filter air and vent to the in-house exhaust.
• Vent directly to the in-house exhaust.


Sensible Task-Specific Design:

• Airfoil and plenum optimizes containment and
allows safe operation when:
1. Door is open or closed
2. Face cover is or is not attached
• Face cover permits eff ective containment
without rousing anesthetized animals
• Face cover removes for easy cleanup
• Dished resin base contains spills up
to 2 liters
• Cart mounted systems available

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