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Using the same stringent engineering standards, Flow Sciences has developed a rigid to flexible bulk powder containment system that makes transferring bulk material handling safe and easy. Flow Sciences’ Patented Bulk Powder Containment System is available with all the necessary accessories to completely contain the process. The turbulence-free airflow provides a stable working environment that will not disrupt balance readings and works with Toploading, Analytical, semi-micro and Micro balances. The base of the unit comes standard with a 20″ diameter cutout or can be designed to accommodate larger drum dimensions. A drum lift raises and lowers containers into the enclosure. Drum’s inner and outer bags are sealed around retaining rings with replaceable membranes. Each enclosure is mounted on a stainless steel table or cart for added mobility. Also, each system comes equipped with a standard sidewall waste chute and face velocity alarm to continuously monitor air flow.

Independent tests performed on the Bulk Powder Containment System showed containment down to less than 5 nanograms per cubic meter (8hr TWA avg), a containment factor of over 50,000 when following good laboratory practices. Test Data is available upon request.

Customers requiring Bulk Powder Systems need a minimal level of consultation. Please contact a Flow Sciences’ Sales Representative for application assistance.


  • Enclosure constructed of 3/8″ acrylic Chemically resistant phenolic resin base Dished to contain spills Black for easy powder detection Air plenums mounted on rear of hood Filter air using the FSI Fan Filter Housing and then connect to house exhaust via a thimble connection Filter air using the FSI Fan Filter Housing and then recirculate back into the lab Enclosure can connect directly to house exhaust Multiple filtering options available including Bagout HEPA with 99.99% efficiency and a variety of Carbon filters in single or dual filtration configurations Angled front of enclosure allows safe up-close work Maximum personnel protection maintained without sacrificing worker comfort Aerodynamically designed air foils equipped with alarm sensor Unit comes standard with Face Velocity Alarm and waste disposal chute UNITS MUST BE CERTIFIED BY A SAFETY PROFESSIONAL BEFORE BEGINNING ANY WORK WITHIN THE HOOD

Designed for:

  • Designed specifically to completely contain bulk powder processes during transfer
  • Rigid containment system can be connected to flexible containment for enhanced ergonomics and workflow
  • Ideal for plant operations and large scale potent powder transfers
  • Non-turbulent airflow prevents balance fluctuation and loss of material
  • Safe for use with Level I, II, and III Compounds
  • Safebridge Consulting independently tested the Bulk Powder Containment System and results showed no traceable detection of product in the breathing zone of the operator.
  • Meets and exceeds The ASHRAE 110 Standard for Containment.