Flow Sciences utilizes hybrid technologies manufacturing with multiple construction materials to satisfy varying powder containment demands.




The FS5000-152 and FS5000-149 were custom engineered for the containment of tablet processing pieces of equipment.


– All-clear construction allowing for 360 degree viewing

– Removable side panels for pre and post processing      interaction

– Stainless steel reinforced framing

– Dished phenolic resin base to contain powder spills

– Available filtration:  Direct to House Exhaust or Top      Mount HEPA Filtration



Flow Sciences designs containment applications specific to the equipment that offers flexibility in change out and convenience in cleaning.


Flow Sciences designed sliding sash operations for milling and granulation equipment that allowed access for loading, unloading, and operation adjustment, while still maintaining consistent face velocities.

Spiral Mill Application Enclosure

This unit is a custom engineered scale-up polypropylene enclosure for a pharmaceutical powder mill application for dry powders.  The Containment Performance Target was achieved during pouring into the hopper and unloading via a sliding sash. The weighted sliding sash allows for easy movement and function.  This unit also features an LED light bar, as well as center opening base doors.

Grain Grinder Application Enclosure

This enclosure is used to contain a cutting mill for Agricultural application where dust presented a personnel exposure problem.  The enclosure connected to house exhaust for dust collection during the milling process. The aluminum framed enclosure was mobile between multiple work areas in the facility, and the large doors allowed for easy loading and unloading.



Flow Sciences designed drying and compression equipment containment with sliding doors, hinged doors, removable panels, mobility, and portability.  With all of FSI’s enclosures filtering and ventilation options are direct to house exhaust, filer and recirculate, or filter and connect to house exhaust.


Case Study:  Clinical Pilot Plant


Flow Sciences’ team of design engineers developed a set of custom designed modular enclosures to contain at the OEB 2 level.  The entire unit was comprised of four distinct enclosures connected by pass-thrus on both the left and right sides with either a sliding door or hinged door for segregation.  The pass-thrus were aligned so that the enclosures can trade positions as required.

Each enclosure sits on interchangeable carts, allowing enclosures to be used for other pieces of equipment as desired by the customer.  Each enclosure included in the modular unit features dual Bag-In/Bag-Out HEPA filtration for maximum containment and was built with removable panels giving the user the ability to easily change access points.

Front access openings and/or doors were designed for access either before, during, or after the process.  Some of the enclosures featured side access doors as well.  The sides and back of the enclosures featured removable panels for ease of cleaning and periodic decontamination.