Mail Processing Work Station_ Safety Containment

  • Open and sort mail safely
  • Dispose of contaminated items
  • Quickly remove and contain spills
  • Bulk Powder Accessories are suitable for the Bulk Mail Processing Station


The Flow Sciences’ Mail Processing and Bulk Mail Processing Workstations are designed to provide environments where biological dusts, aerosol or vapors that may be present in letters or parcels are filtered, contained and exhausted.

How the Mail Processing System Works: The standard Mail Processing Workstation is designed so that mail can be placed in the enclosure and opened and sorted. A mail slot located on the top left side of the enclosure enables the user to drop the opened (and now determined safe), processed mail into an outside mail bin. Questionable or hazardous looking substances found in an envelope would be discarded through the hazardous disposal port and placed into a secured biohazard waste bag. (This disposal port is located on the left-hand side of the enclosure, beneath the mail slot.) The bag can then be sealed and the contaminant safely removed for further analysis.

How the Bulk Mail Processing System Works: The Bulk Mail Processing System includes a base cutout and mobile drum lift. Bulk Mail is placed in a 30 gallon, bag-lined drum. The plastic bag is sealed and the drum lid secured. The drum, on the mobile lift cart, is wheeled under the workstation and placed below the cutout. The lift raises the drum a few inches through the opening. The worker, using safe work practices such as wearing gloves and long sleeves, working from inside the enclosure, removes the drum lid and places the lid against the side wall of the enclosure (never removing the lid from the protected environment). The worker opens the plastic bag and secures it with the loose membrane.

The mail can then be opened or sorted according to company protocol. Secure mail can be placed into a bin on the outside of the enclosure through the side mail slot while questionable mail can be opened and disposed of safely using the side mounted waste chute and biohazard bag.


Enclosure constructed of 3/8″ acrylic Chemically resistant phenolic resin base Dished to contain spills Base available in white or black Air plenums mounted on rear of hood Filter air using the FSI Fan Filter Housing and then connect to house exhaust via a thimble connection Filter air using the FSI Fan Filter Housing and then recirculate back into the lab Enclosure can connect directly to house exhaust Multiple filtering options available including Bagout HEPA with 99.99% efficiency and a variety of Carbon filters in single or dual filtration configurations Angled front of enclosure allows safe up-close work Maximum personnel protection maintained without sacrificing worker comfort Aerodynamically designed air foils equipped with alarm sensor Units come standard with Face Velocity Alarm UNITS MUST BE CERTIFIED BY A SAFETY PROFESSIONAL BEFORE BEGINNING ANY WORK WITHIN THE HOOD