Designed for:

  • Each enclosure is customized to meet microscope dimensions
  • Provides turbulence-free environment that will not disrupt samples
  • Ergonomically designed for worker comfort Description

Flow Sciences’ Vented Microscope Workstations offer maximum protection while handling delicate samples in the laboratory. Enclosures are designed with a cutout that accommodates microscope dimensions. Units provide a safe, turbulence-free work environment while protecting personnel from exposure to harmful substances.

Although there are standard microscope enclosures, quite often it is necessary to customize these units to accommodate the equipment and/or application needs. Flow Sciences can provide a cardboard mock-up of the desired enclosure to help alleviate any clearance or access issues.


Enclosure constructed of 3/8″ acrylic Chemically resistant phenolic resin base Dished to contain spills Base available in white or black Air plenums mounted on rear of hood Filter air using the FSI Fan Filter Housing and then connect to house exhaust via a thimble connection Filter air using the FSI Fan Filter Housing and then recirculate back into the lab Enclosure can connect directly to house exhaust Multiple filtering options available including Bagout HEPA with 99.99% efficiency and a variety of Carbon filters in single or dual filtration configurations Angled front of enclosure allows safe up-close work Maximum personnel protection maintained without sacrificing worker comfort Aerodynamically designed air foils equipped with alarm sensor Units come standard with Face Velocity Alarm UNITS MUST BE CERTIFIED BY A SAFETY PROFESSIONAL BEFORE BEGINNING ANY WORK WITHIN THE HOOD