Dual Operator Glove Box Workstation with Balance Enclosure


Dual Operator Glovebox Workstation with Balance Enclosure is designed to contain a process applicaiton where both weighing in an open faced enclosure and working with a reactor in a clean air environment are needed.  The weighing portion of the unit is designed to contain a Mettler-Toledo XS204 balance.  This weighing unit is connected to a Glovebox Workstation with an ISO 5 or better interior environment.  The glovebox workstation contains a Senco FC202 Cap Style Jacketed Glass Reactor.  This system is unique as it allows for operators to manipulate the reactor at two heights, with dual glove ports at a low poistion and high position.  The glovebox also features valves for both nitrogen and compressed air.  

137” Exterior Width
32” Exterior Depth
52” Interior Height

FSI Category: 10+


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9' and Above