Fire Suppression – LEV III™


Cannabis testing that utilizes volatile solvents like methanol also place laboratory personnel at risk for exposure to fires. With this in mind, Flow Sciences developed a Fire Safety LEV  III™ enclosure constructed with a flame-retardant polypropylene superstructure and glass viewing panels. The Fire Safety LEV III™ can be equipped with a built-in Fire Suppression system to quickly and effectively extinguish potential fires directly at the source of ignition.

• DURABILITY. Fire Safety LEV III™s are constructed from flame-retardant polypropylene and glass to ensure that potential laboratory fires are contained at the source.

• FIRE SUPPRESSION. Flow Sciences worked with fire protection specialists to design a fire trigger that detects and automatically extinguishes fires from inside the enclosure.

• PERFORMANCE. Fire Safety LEV III™s are designed to accommodate large-scale operations that require the superior safety of fume hood technology.

48” External Width
32” External Depth
39” Internal Height

FSI Category: 1–2