Continuous Liner Hybrid Isolator


Continuous Liner Hybrid Isolator with Bag-In/Bag-Out HEPA filtration designed for weighing powder APIs using Fisher Scientific Mettler™ Toledo Analytical Balance. Unit features 15” continuous liner port for transferring APIs out of enclosure. Draftshield with 4 x 8” oval glove ports feature ambidextrous gloves. Airfoils, rear plenums, fan, and thimble connection maintain recommended face velocity of 100–150 LFPM. Hinged front doors allow user to easily load/unload equipment while transfer port can be used to safely load/unload samples. Acrylic panels and LED system provide both ambient and additional light.


36″ Exterior Width
43″ Exterior Depth
62″ Interior Height

FSI Category: 5-6

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