Sympatec Rodos / Helos


Sympatek Rodos / Helos Aluminum framed enclosure with Bag-In/Bag-Out HEPA and Carbon filtration designed to house Sympatec Helos/KF Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer. Unit comes with thimble connection for house exhaust system. Removable sliding front door and side panels allow easy loading/unloading and accessing laboratory equipment while providing full protection against toxic powder and liquid APIs. All-over acrylic paneling provides optimum ambient light transmission across the workspace. Plenums, top-mounted fan, and thimble connection maintain laminar airflow between 60–100 LFPM.

Designed for Sympatec Helos KF –Helium Neon Laser Optical System (laser diffraction sensors)

Equipment includes – Central Unit, Dispensing Unit, Vibrating Trough, Dispersing System, and Vacuum Unit.

88″ Exterior Width
34″ Exterior Depth
38″ Interior Height

FSI Category: 4-5

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