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Flow Sciences, Inc.’s SAF T FLOW™ Fume Hood Receives Outstanding 3rd-Party Certified EN14175 Fume Hood Containment Results

LELAND, NC, June 7, 2018, — Flow Sciences, a leading provider of containment systems for laboratory, pilot plant, and manufacturing is now shipping the SAF T FLOW™ Fume Hood an addition to its expanding line of standard enclosures.

Dr. Robert K. Haugen, Director of Product and Technology Development at Flow Sciences Inc., today announced that the SAF T Flow™ 6-foot fume hood has received 3rdparty certified EN14175 fume hood containment results from Raleigh, NC based Exposure Control Technologies (ECT). The results showed that under any containment required by EN14175, no observable tracer gas left the fume hood, yielding the lowest possible containment numbers of less than 10 ppb (parts per billion), the detection limit of the instrument.

Randy Blew, of ECT, states in the introduction and summary of the report “Results of tests revealed that the Flow Sciences hood met all acceptance criteria as described herein under all test conditions.” 1

  1. “Results of DIN-EN “As Manufactured” Tests on One Laboratory Fume Hood,ECT, inc., March 1083 p. 3

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