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Bulk Powder Pan Balance Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection during operations involving a balance such as the Mettler Toledo XS10001 Excellence Toploading Pan Balance. Also accommodates space for a stir plate with dimensions 16” x 12” x 4.5” with a 16 Features an antistatic acrylic superstructure, which is designed to attenuate triboelectric charging (static electricity) interference. Also featured is a 22” diameter cutout on right side of base to fit a 20” outer diameter (OD) bulk powder container such as a drum or carboy. Base (aka. work surface) is coated with phenolic resin and dished to contain product spills.

20” L x 16” W sink (metallic recess) with cover contains a 4” sanitary fitting on the bottom which is sealed with a cap and clamp to contain spilled product or product deliberately placed into the bag. In addition, FS2079 Double Safe Waste Chute on each side allows for more flexibility when removing waste. 1.5” iris ports on left and right side near the rear of unit.

Also included, but not depicted, is an FS6551 metallic lift cart which allows for ergonomic lifting of the drum into and through the bottom of the 22” cutout on right side; lift cart ehight can be adjusted manually by pumping the handle rail.

Additional features include:

  • Minihelic gauge on left side displays real-time measurements of pressure differential between ambient environment and fan / filter housing


External Width: 60.00”
External Depth: 32.00”
Internal Height: 26.91”

FSI Category 7-8

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