Stainless Steel CVE

About this Solution

Stainless Steel CVE designed with 316 stainless steel superstructure.  This unit features all stainless enclosure body with a laminated safety glass viewing panel.  All electrical for the enclosure body including LED light is run to a stainless steel control box on the side of the unit to eliminate stray cords.  This unit features a polypropylene Bag-In/Bag-Out housing and fan for Dual HEPA filter protection.  Designed with all stainless steel plenums for laminar airflow and coved corners for ease of cleaning the work surface.


36” External Width
30” External Depth
30” Internal Height

FSI Category : 10+

Additional information

Personnel Protection


Liquid, Powder

Superstructure Material

316 Stainless Steel


3' Wide

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