Stainless Steel Enclosure with Stainless Insert Base

About this Solution


Stainless Steel Enclosure with ADA Table designed for dispensing, sieving, and weighing operation. 6’ enclosure built to accommodate a Mettler Toledo XPE 3003S Excellenceplus Toploading Balance, Sieve Screen, and Nicoflex Bag System. Front airfoils combine with top-mounted fan and Bag-In/Bag-Out System to create a safe environment for weighing powders with OEL levels 4 & 5, including oxymetazoline hydrochloride and buprenorphine hydrochloride. Hinged front door with approximate 13” opening allows easy access to application while providing full protection from exposure to hazardous APIs.

72” External Width
33” External Depth
29” Internal Height

FSI Category:  10+

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Double Safe Waste Chute

FSI Double Safe Waste Chute

• Will Fit All Enclosures with Waste Chute Mounts

• Safely Change Waste Chute Bag

• Double Sleeve Protection

• Never Expose Waste to Outside Environment