THC Oil Extraction – LEV III™


THC Oil Extraction enclosure for use in cannabis testing. Cannabis testing that utilizes volatile solvents, like methanol, can expose laboratory personnel to fire risks. With this in mind, Flow Sciences developed a Fire Safety LEV  III™ enclosure constructed with a flame-retardant polypropylene superstructure and glass viewing panels. The Fire Safety LEV III™ can be equipped with a built-in Fire Suppression system to quickly and effectively extinguish potential fires directly at the source of ignition.

DURABILITY. Fire Safety LEV III™s are constructed from flame-retardant polypropylene and glass to ensure that potential laboratory fires are contained at the source.

FIRE SUPPRESSION. Flow Sciences worked with fire protection specialists to design a fire trigger that detects and automatically extinguishes fires from inside the enclosure.

PERFORMANCE. Fire Safety LEV III™s are designed to accommodate large-scale operations that require the superior safety of fume hood technology.

48” External Width
32” External Depth
39” Internal Height

FSI Category: 1–2






SAFETY.  The LEV III™ Series for process equipment provides safety from chemical vapors generated during processes such as flash chromatography, evaporation from rotary evaporators, and other process equipment applications.

DESIGN.  Using a similar design to powder containment enclosures, the LEV III™ Series was developed for vapors to be removed from the application and lab. Vapors are pulled to the rear of the enclosure, then up through plenums to keep laminar flow across the work surface and remove vapors effectively.

PHENOLIC BASE.  The chemically resistant phenolic base is dished to maintain spills and coated to protect the work surface from harmful chemicals.

DUAL HINGED FRONT SASH.  For ease of loading and unloading equipment, the LEV III™ Series features a front sash that makes it simple to load equipment, then run the application with a very small face opening to save energy.

ACRYLIC WALLS.  Flow Sciences uses clear acrylic walls for increased visibility of the application.

PORTABLE DESIGN.  This enclosure is lightweight which makes it easily movable as the dynamics of the laboratory space changes.

STANDARD SIZES.  The LEV III™ Series comes standard in both a 2’ and 3’ option to best fit your application. Custom options are also available.



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