Top-Mounted Enclosure with Stainless Steel Airfoils

About this Solution

Top-mounted enclosure with Stainless Steel Airfoils. Unit equipped with Bag-In/Bag-Out HEPA filtration and thimble connection for house exhaust system. Acrylic enclosure has folding front doors and 12” face opening for easy loading/unloading of equipment and samples. Dual waste chutes provide easy and contained disposal of samples. Airfoils and rear plenums maintain laminar airflow across the work surface. Acrylic enclosure fitted with built-in LED system to provide both ambient and additional lighting.

72” External Width
30” External Depth
24” Internal Height

FSI Category: 3–4

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Double Safe Waste Chute

FSI Double Safe Waste Chute

• Will Fit All Enclosures with Waste Chute Mounts

• Safely Change Waste Chute Bag

• Double Sleeve Protection

• Never Expose Waste to Outside Environment